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Our Services

Demo, Prep, & Install
Floor Adhesive for Tiling

Our Standard Basic Labor Package: Our team will arrive and Demo your existing floor. Down to the exposed concrete or wooden subfloor. Then apply solutions to prep any damaged ares, to prepare for the new flooring. We then install your new material throughout.

Interior & Exterior Painting
House Painting

Our Specialized network of painters will come in and prep the interior walls. This includes sanding and patching of any areas, as well as removing any nails and debris. And then applying 2 coats of paint. Including a primer and a final coat. 

Project Management 
Architects at Work

Do you have a project and the laborers already in mind? But just need an experienced project manager to keep an eye on the full scope? Our in house project managers have a keen eye for detail, and a vast experience in interior base remodeling and flooring/painting projects.  

Site Visit, Demo & Disposal
Floor Measurements

We offer a range of additional services! Are you needing your space measured and a total amount of flooring calculated and ordered? Or are you preparing for a new project, and just need the space demoed and the debri disposed of. We offer many different services including a host of many others. Just send us a Request!

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