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Lets Get your Remodeling Project Started!

Georgia Office

450 Wilbanks Dr. 
Ball Ground, Ga 30107

M-F 9am-5pm


We have available installers ready
to visit your work site and give you estimates
and recommendations!


Site Visit & Free Estimate

Our Site Surveyor will come out to your work site and measure the area for Installation.

He will also check your subfloor to see if there are any issues that would prevent a Quality Installation. 

They will also discuss any additional details about the job they notice. 

As well as discuss all the materials that will need to be installed. This will include any Flooring, Base, Transitions, Painting etc. 

A final estimate for labor will be provided in 1-2 Days.


The Planning Stage

Once we finalize the budget and all the measurements and Quantities of the project. We will discuss the schedule. Our installation teams work nights, as well as weekends and early mornings. We will provide you with a phasing plan and the maximum amount of time the project will take. 


Installation Process & Service

Our installation Team will complete the project and walk through the facility with you to ensure all areas are installed and complete to your liking. Our Installations come with a 2 year service warrant for any repairs that you would like. 

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