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Just what the Doctor Ordered.

A few weeks ago, our team had the opportunity of installing new LVT and Transitions at a Doctors Office in SouthWest FL. The Doctor had reached out to us a few months prior and mentioned that he had another installation there a few weeks go. The doctor explained to us, how terrible a job the previous installation team had done. With gaps between the tile, old spots of adhesive left on the floor, and scratches on the furniture and LVT. He was totally disgusted at how the installers left his place of business. We could hear the frustration in his voice, and he really just wanted his new office to look as good as it was supposed to. We reassured him that all the issues he pointed to us, could easily be repaired.

Over the next few days, we demoed the entire floor, and replaced it with new warranty LVT flooring. With a little bit of precision and patience, our team was able to do a 100% turnaround. Making sure that no gaps existed, doing a full cleaning of the facility, and touching up each and every area. And the Doctor was thrilled. He was so happy with our team, he invited us out to dinner.

It's important to remember that some customers think of their businesses and offices as a 2nd home. Many even spend more time at the office then they do at home. So it's important to him to have their facility looking as pristine as possible. Especially in the medical field. Where customers can often view the cleanliness of the facility as a direct translation to health and safety of the people inside.

Overall, we were glad to have made such a good impression on the doctor. And show him that we cared as much about his space as he did. And we took his opinions serious. If he was not happy with the final job that was previous, then we were going to repair to where he received exactly what he payed for. An amazing new Floor!

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